“Abortion is a sin, it’s the taking of human life”

"Abortion is a sin, it's the taking of human life"

Nigerian award-winning writer and politician, Reno Omokri has taken to his Twitter deal with to stipulate that individuals who aborted their little one dedicated homicide.

He felt to element his view and publicly urged males to forgo pushing their associate to bask in abortion.

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According to his declare, he outlined that abortion is a sin thus far it includes taking of human life.

He mentioned:

“Abortion is a sin, according to Scripture. It is the taking of human life. Exodus 21:22-23 plainly describes an unborn foetus as a human life and that any man who causes a pregnant woman to lose her foetus is guilty of murder.”

“Ordinarily I would not want to comment on this, but I have been bombarded by people whose faiths are being undermined. The only time I ever publicly disagree with a pastor is when people’s faith are undermined.”

“Abortion is not compatible with Christ following. That is why I teach against premarital and extramarital sex. But if you have done it and get pregnant, don’t turn one weakness into two wickednesses!”

“Abortion is even worse than murder. Because most murderers murder someone who they feel has wronged them. While that is not exculpatory, we can see how that can be a human weakness. But why kill an unborn foetus that has not offended you or anyone?”

“Premarital and extramarital sex are sinful and wrong. However, if you want to have premarital sex, or even marital sex, without getting pregnant, using protection is better than abortion later. But that protection must not be for the purpose of avoiding your responsibility-Genesis 38:9-10.”

‘Even rape mustn’t result in abortion. At worse, have the kid and have her or him adopted. But abortion and Christ following are Parallel traces that can NEVER intersect!”

“Being a Christ follower is not easy. You must commit to adjusting your life to suit Scripture, even Scripture that you do not like (yes, there are Scripture I do not like). That is better than adjusting Scripture to suit your lifestyle.”

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